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A Day in the Life of AC Repair Tech in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you curious about wanting to become an HVAC AC repair technician in the Valley? It's a job that's not easy, but it can be rewarding. With temperatures pushing nearly 120 degrees F on the hottest days, a technician needs to be agile and effortless in repairing any machines that come their way. Below are some of the things AC repair tech do in Phoenix Arizona, and why with their help, many people can have properly-working units that last a long time.

Some Tasks Ac Repair techs Do

We should mention that an AC repair tech does more than repair them. In addition, many of them oversee their installation as well. With many moving to the state, an AC repair technician usually has to install new units and ensure they work properly to handle the summer heat. An AC repair technician also has to perform maintenance on already installed units for an apartment or a house. Many people will want a professional to look at their AC in the heat of summer to avoid a unit breaking a the worst possible time. An AC repair technician will not only have to repair units on regular hours but also need to be on call all the time. An AC breaking can often be an emergency, with a technician needing to respond right away. Many technicians always keep their phones by their beds when they sleep. In addition, they need to be prepared for the possibility of them having to wake up in the middle of their rest to answer a call. A repair technician also provides technical support. Some people might not need a technician to repair a unit, particularly if the unit has a problem that a phone call with instructions could fix. A technician could be answering someone else’s call while in the middle of fixing someone’s AC. You might be surprised by how much an AC repair tech in Arizona has to do. One disadvantage to this career is that it does require a lot of work. However, many techs like it because no two days are ever the same. Some days, you could be repairing an AC in a skyscraper, and the next, you could be repairing many different houses. For many, no two repairs are exactly the same, either. With so many careers requiring you to do the same thing each day, many people love the variety this career can bring them. MAGMA Air cobranding with Colemann units

What a Schedule Looks Like

As mentioned, an AC repairman has a varied schedule. Sometimes, a technician might be waking up at the crack of dawn or even earlier. Other times, they can sleep in until the afternoon. If you like consistency, this is not the job for you. An AC technician receives their daily tasks, from their clients to what they need. They make sure they grab their needed gear and then meet their clients. Sometimes, these tasks can take half a day. Other times, you might be out past regular hours. There is a limit, so a more complex task could require multiple days for a technician to do. In short, this isn't like a 9-to-5 job where every day follows the same beats. For people who love variety, a career as an HVAC tech could be what they're looking for. However, while consistency can be a good thing, so can not knowing where your career will take you next.

Health and Safety Concerns

An AC repair technician is not the most dangerous job globally, but there are some health risks to the career. First, as mentioned, the technicians can have irregular hours, meaning that someone who does not have an adaptive sleep schedule could face several issues that come with sleep deprivation. In addition, an AC maintenance specialist might have to work in extreme temperatures. IF the AC has been broken for a while, it could lead to temperatures on both sides. A broken AC in the heat of summer could lead to an overheating risk, so a technician must have water and a way to keep cool. On the other hand, it is possible that a technician could also be repairing a unit on a cold desert night, meaning that they need to bundle up. A proper technician is always prepared for both temperatures. However, a newbie could be shocked by how much it can shift. Temperatures are not the only threat to a technician, however. They also might face leaky furnaces that could damage their eyes or hands. Therefore, technicians tend to have gloves, respirators, or goggles handy to keep themselves safe.
Why It’s Beneficial
Despite its risks, many people choose a career as an air conditioner technician for many reasons. First, people do so because they like helping others. As a technician, you assist people to maintain an acceptable quality of life. Often, it's not just for helping people's homes stay at a convenient temperature, but you could be saving someone's life. For example, you could be helping to repair an older adult's heater in the middle of a winter storm. You also are learning about HVAC units as your career progresses. You could use this knowledge to repair your HVACs, meaning that you save money. In addition to money, a technician could make a good living repairing units. And, as mentioned, this career is never dull. Having a monotonous job can lead to burnout, which comes with its own slew of health risks. While burnout can happen with any career, it's less likely to happen with a career you love. Many techs love their jobs and wouldn't trade them for the world.
Sounds Fun?
If this career sounds like it's for you, then you might want to look into it. While it can be challenging, it's rewarding, and you can meet many people who can help you propel your career even further. It isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding, and for many homeowners in Arizona, having someone on hand to help them when their units go out is a benefit to be had. Plus, you can help install this, making customers happy. By receiving the proper training, you can be on your way towards a career that can be quite fruitful. If you’re interested, apply today or ask us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

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